Professor Q is an all-new 20 questions game. Choose something for the Professor to guess, answer a few questions, and you'll be amazed by how often he's spot on!

With artificial intelligence coupled with a vast knowledge base and the ability to learn, Professor Q will be hard to stump. Dare you challenge him?

Get Professor Q on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It's all the same to him where he lives, as long as he gets to play his favorite game!

Professor Q doesn't need an internet connection to play the game, but if he gets the chance, he will promptly update his brain with everything that players all over the world have taught him about Life, the Universe, and Everything!
Overall performance:

Total games played: 212713
Games won last 10 days: 62.46%
Average questions needed: 19.18
Knowledge: 95.87%
Most popular things to think about:

1.A dog (3913 times)
2.A human (2927 times)
3.A mobile phone (2661 times)
4.A car (2604 times)
5.A TV (2576 times)
Q's learning curve:

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