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Are Smarties better suited for playing Wiper?

In this thorough review we will have a look at whether a pack of Smarties could be a more sensible purchase than our Wiper app if you wish to play Wiper. We will consider aspects like suitability, gameplay and price.

The first thing we wanted to find out, were if it is at all possible to play a full round of Wiper, starting with 140 pieces, using only one pack of Smarties. We laid the Smarties out in the well-known 10x14 layout, and let out a sigh of relief when we could conclude that one Smarties tube contains 144 Smarties. One thing we hadn't anticipated though, were the fact that Smarties come in 8 different colors, while traditional Wiper uses only 5. However, we didn't let this deter us.

We started playing, but quickly found out that this would prove to be very cumbersome. When we tapped a Smartie, nothing happened! We actually had to remove the pieces by hand! This frequently caused other Smarties to be pushed out of position or bounce around. We waited for a while after removing the pieces, but soon had to realize that we would also have to move by hand all the pieces that were supposed to fall down after removing the same-colored pieces. So annoying! Event calculating the score had to be done manually. Evidently, Smarties has no built-in automation when it comes to this.

Also, the fact that Smarties come in 8 different colors greatly reduced the number of adjacent same-colored pieces compared to the original Wiper.

All in all, a single round of Wiper took almost a quarter of an hour, and we ended up with the all-time low score of a meager 1670 points. The only positive thing about this whole ordeal, was that Smarties taste fantastic. This, however, reduced the number of rounds per Smarties tube to 1!

One pack of Smarties cost about twice as much as the Wiper app (at least here in Norway). Thus, Wiper scores better on price, and if you want the best of both worlds, you could always use the rest of the money to buy a smaller pack of Smarties.


– Too many colors.
– Very cumbersome/tiresome.
– Takes too long to play.
– Expensive in the long run.

+ Smarties taste fantastic!

Smarties are NOT better suited to play Wiper than the Wiper app.
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